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[ANN] Erlang LS - 0.3.0

Roberto Aloi-6
Hi all,

Erlang LS - Version 0.3.0 (and the respective VSCode Extension 0.0.11) are out!


Code lenses, progress reports during indexing, auto-completion for atoms, built-in functions and types, find type references and more!


* Improve URI handling
* Introduce support for code lenses
* Introduce server-info code lense (disabled by default)
* Fix some Windows incompatibilities
* Avoid the entire server crashing in case of failing providers
* Improve support for Unicode
* Introduce background jobs
* Show progress while indexing
* Fix handling of empty RootUri (Sublime users should enjoy this)
* Add support for .escript files
* Update logging framework
* Add support for finding type references
* Enable logging by default
* Remove eflame dependency
* Add auto-completion for built-in functions and types
* Goto definition on an atom goes to that module if it exists
* Fix symlinks handling
* Add auto-completion for atoms
* Add edoc support for OTP modules (requires OTP 23 once available)
* Introduce CLI help menu via getopt

Thanks to all amazing 15 contributors!