[ANN] Erlang and Elixir books translation project from Spanish

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[ANN] Erlang and Elixir books translation project from Spanish

Manuel Ángel Rubio Jiménez

I wrote a couple of books in Erlang/OTP in Spanish and a friend of mine
told me he wanted to read it but because they were only in Spanish he
couldn't. I realize the material I use inside of the book (examples
mainly) are a bit different from other books and maybe it could help to
people to understand better who Erlang works if they didn't before with
other existent material.

In the same way, I think it could be worth to have more material
available to learn Erlang so, I started a crowdfunding project to
support the translation of these books to English:


I hope you think like me and support the initiative.

Manuel Rubio.
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