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[ANN] Gun 2.0.0-pre.2

Loïc Hoguin-3

The second pre-release version of Gun 2.0 has been released! Gun is an
asynchronous, always-connected client with support for HTTP/1.1, HTTP/2,
Websocket and more.

The main highlight of this pre-release is the support for a pluggable
cookie store mechanism. Gun 2.0 comes with a cookie store engine that
can automatically process cookies and store them to and retrieve them
from a pluggable backend.

Gun 2.0 comes with the gun_cookies_list backend which can be enabled via
the new cookie_store option. This backend will keep cookies in-memory on
a per-connection basis and without any persistence built-in. It should
however be easy to create a backend on top of this one to add
persistence or share the cookie store backend between multiple
connections should that be necessary.

Please see the full announcement for more details:



Loïc Hoguin