[ANN] Spawnfest 2018 - November 24th 00:00 UTC - Worldwide

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[ANN] Spawnfest 2018 - November 24th 00:00 UTC - Worldwide

Brujo Benavides-3
Hi folks,

We’re less than a month away from Spawnfest 2018!!

It’s time to register your team (or just yourself, so we can use our find-a-team magical algorithm to… well… find you a team :P).

For those who don't know, Spawnfest is the annual 48-hour free online development competition for the BEAM community around the world where you have exactly one weekend to create a system of your choice. As a reference, you can check the winners from last year.

Participation is 100% Free of Charge and, thanks to our sponsors, you can win some amazing prizes!

The contest starts on November 24th 00:00 UTC.

Register your team and join us! It will be a blast!

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