[ANN] Zotonic 0.55.0 release

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[ANN] Zotonic 0.55.0 release

Marc Worrell

Zotonic is the Erlang content management system and framework.

We have released Zotonic 0.55.0.

This is a maintenance release with some nice new features:

* All admin pages are now ssl only (if ssl enabled)
* Warning on admin/status page if the ssl app is not configured
* Option to start editing languages but not use them yet for the site itself
* Color coding of the admin depending on the current DTAP environment
* Show warning in the admin when editing system resources like categories and predicates
* Reorganization of the new-resource dialog
* Backoff for erronous task-queue functions
* Added function z:load_config() to reload the zotonic.config file, this does
  not restart listeners but does change settings like the smtp proxy and DTAP environment.

See the full release notes at http://docs.zotonic.com/en/latest/developer-guide/releasenotes/rel_0.55.0.html

All changes are (or will be soon) merged into the 1.0-dev (aka master) as well.


The Zotonic Team