[ANN] datum 4.3.0 release

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[ANN] datum 4.3.0 release

Dmitry Kolesnikov-2
Hello Bright People,

datum 4.3.0 has been release recently. 

Datum is a pure functional and generic programming for Erlang. This library is testing the limits of functional abstractions in Erlang.

Release 4.3.x

New Features
* New category `undefined`
* Product lens combinator lens:p(...) to spawn multiple fields into abstract view
* Macros to pattern match empty data structures (see datum.hrl)
* Define new lens lens:require/1, lens:defined/0 to support development of unit testing (validate nested structures using lenses)

* Improve interface semantic, introduce lens:map/3 function instead of lens:apply/3
* Re-implement lens isomorphism feature using product lens
* Update documentations and add examples about lenses
* Use option data type to warp lens output

You can find more details

Best Regards, 

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