[ANN] geas 2.1 (Erlang 20.3)

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[ANN] geas 2.1 (Erlang 20.3)


Geas 2.1 has been released !

Geas is a tool that will detect the runnable official Erlang release
window for your project, including dependencies, either from source code
or beam files.

Geas will tell you what are the offending functions in the beam/source
files that reduce the available window.

Geas will tell you if some beam files are compiled native.

*New* : Geas will tell you installed patches, and recommend patches that
should be installed depending your code.

Geas is available as a module, erlang.mk and rebar 2/3 plugins.

Changelog :
- update for Erlang 20.3 database.
- change output format for tags, redirect log to standard error
- detect installed patches
- recommend patche(s) to be installed, if necessary, depending code


Cheers !

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