[ANN] nezha - yet another paxos library in Erlang

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[ANN] nezha - yet another paxos library in Erlang

Hi all

Nezha is a paxos library named after a notable character in the
popular Chinese novel FengShen YanYi, along with Erlang Shen. Nezha
has 3 heads and 8 arms, so he must have invented his own Paxos to
decide what to do next.

When I was trying to implement something a little bit more than a
key-value store, I had looked for a library which is easy to get
started with, to help create a prototype, so that I could get an idea
of how should it be built. Unfortunately, I did not find one. Since I
am an Erlang fanboy, I decided to write one in Erlang.

Everybody are excited about Raft these days, and claim it is easy to
understand. However, I found it very very complicated. After a few
hours reading the paper, I still had no clue what it is talking about.
Suddenly, I realized how simple paxos really is. Maybe this is the
raft way to make paxos easier to understand. So right now, only the
most simple variant of paxos as described in Paxos Made Simple, is
implemented in Nezha.

Nezha is available at https://github.com/bhuztez/nezha . Hope you will
like it. Feel free to open an issue if you have any questions.
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