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Bengt Kleberg-3

> Date: Wed, 12 Mar 2003 18:42:39 +0100
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> From: "G?sta Ask (EAB)" <Gosta.Ask>
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> There is actually a good foundation for XML-based document handling
> inside the Big Company, although it has fallen from grace lately; the
> Powers that Rule seem to view MS Word as the end of the development
> ladder. And I suppose it is (turned upside down). Quite a few Customer
> Documents are still being written using Docware (the internal name for
> SGML/XML-based documentation). The key is the XSEIF DTD.


> I used to write quite a few documents using SEIF; always preferred it to
> Frame and the other alternatives. Version handling was good and the

when working as a consultant ('95-'96) at the Big Company i was
explicitly told _not_ to use Frame. it was beeing replaced by some sgml
tool (probably SEIF, but the name eludes me). the only possible
exception was if a project, as a whole, would be faster to do if using Frame.
given the amount of Frame experience inside the Big Company, SEIF have
(had?, since i do not see it around here) a very steep uphill battle to

fwiw, i liked SEIF.