An update on ICFP'11 in Tokyo (September 18-24, 2011)

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An update on ICFP'11 in Tokyo (September 18-24, 2011)

Sam Tobin-Hochstadt
Given the fairly recent severe earthquake and tsunami in Japan, you
may wonder how this affects the preparations for ICFP'11 in Tokyo.

Luckily, Tokyo was significantly less affected by these saddening
events than the regions further north.  In fact, the situation in
Tokyo is almost back to normal, after only two months, with another
four months until ICFP.  Moreover, all major embassies have in the
meantime lifted their travel advisories for the Tokyo metropolitan
region (while they still maintain active advisories for some other

Our local organisational team has completed major parts of the
preparations and recently summarised the most important facts on a
local information page for ICFP'11:

The main conference site is at

We are looking forward to seeing you in Tokyo in September!

Manuel Chakravarty
Zhenjiang Hu
(General Chairs of ICFP'11)
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