Announce: SO WAP! - Erlang based WAP utils.

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Announce: SO WAP! - Erlang based WAP utils.

Johan Bevemyr-2

have finally put myself together and released SO WAP!, a number of OTP Erlang
modules to support various WAP standards.

Developers are most welcome ( to give me
a hand!

- Client and Server WAP stacks (WDP/UDP, WTP, WSP)
- HTTP 1.1 client (not complete)
- WBXML encoding/decoding of WML 1.1 documents, using xmerl for XML parsing
- Character set translation, using ucs

Note that currently (among other things) the following WAP functionality is not
- WMLScript

The work is currently organised into several (more or less) independent
-sowapstack (0.9.1)
-sowaputils (0.1.1)
-xmerl (0.16) (maintained by Ulf Wiger, but available in cvs repository)
-ucs (0.2) (maintained by Lon Willet, but available in cvs repository)

In addition I have released jngateway-0.9, that includes everything needed to
set up a WAP Gateway
You will find it all at


Johan Blom jb Home:
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