Announcement: A formal verification tool for Erlang

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Announcement: A formal verification tool for Erlang

Lars-Åke Fredlund-3
Dear Erlang Users,

we would like to announce the availability of a tool for
the formal verification of software written in Erlang.
The tool, henceforth called "The Erlang Verification Tool" (EVT),
is a  theorem-proving tool which has been augmented with support
for (a subset of) the Erlang programming language,
and with a graphical user interface.

More information about the verification approach is available at
and the tool itself can be dowloaded from

The people who have designed and programmed the tool,
or have contributed by experimenting with
the tool on case studies, include:
Gennady Chugunov, Mads Dam, Lars-?ke Fredlund, Dilian Gurov (SICS)
Thomas Arts, Clara Benac Earle (Ericsson CSLAB)
Thomas Noll (RWTH Aachen)