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BSD Firewall

Bengt Kleberg-3

> X-Sender: jay-dm
> Date: Thu, 19 Jun 2003 21:28:47 -0700
> To: erlang-questions
> From: Jay Nelson <jay>
> Subject: BSD Firewall


> 1) Which should I use?  NetBSD, FreeBSD or OpenBSD
> and why?  I am inclined right now to use the one with the
> best tutorial on how to set up a diskless firewall.

openbsd has as (one of) its design gooals to be a very secure system,
out-of-the-box. which is a good thing for a firewall.
on the other hand, if you can not find a tutorial for configuring it
according to your wishes, is worthless.

perhaps a good idea would be to find the tutorial first and choose the
os after that?

> 3) Who out there is using erlang + BSD and what kind of
> experiences have they encountered?

i used erlang on openbsd around 1999. it just worked.

> 4) Any tricks to compiling erlang for these OSes?

at the time it compiled without tricks.