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CFP: SI+T 2001

Miguel Barreiro Paz-2

I've been asked to forward the SI+T call for papers, in case someone is

                         SI+T 2001
         Symposium on Informatics and Telecommunications
             September 12-14, 2001, A Coru?a, SPAIN

                  Under the auspices of DINTEL:
          Foundation for the spreading of the Informatics
              and Telecommunication Engineering

This Symposium follows the former Spanish Symposium on Distributed
Computing (SEID 1999 and SEID 2000) - now aiming towards better reflecting
the current converging trends and even synergy among Information
Technology and Telecommunications, where the distributed nature becomes an
inherent part of many research results, developments and innovations in
Computer Science, all of which has been hugely potentiated by the
widespread Internet phenomenon.

Scope: SI+T 2001 welcomes those articles that introduce original Research
+ Development + Engineering results and achieve, through the integration
or joint use of Computing and Telecommunications, a significative added
value. Not trying to be exhaustive, interest topics for SI+T 2001 include:

    Pervasive Computing, Mobile Computing, Teleworking, Distance Learning,
    Telemedicine, Teledetection, Telerobotics, Mobile Agents, Network
    Intelligence, Internet Software Engineering, Online Distributed
    Systems, Cluster Computing, Telecommunications Databases, Realtime Systems
    and Security.

"DINTEL Foundation" Best Papers Awards
 First: funded with SIX HUNDRED THOUSAND PESETAS (3606 Euros), and Diploma
 Second: funded with THREE HUNDRED THOUSAND PESETAS (1803 Euros), and
 Third: funded with ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND PESETAS (601 Euros), and Diploma

Submissions: Authors are invited to send full papers. Electronic
submissions will be compulsory.

Papers should be limited to 4500 words (about 12 pages). If authors
believe that more details are necessary, they may include a clearly marked
appendix which will be read at the discretion of the referee. Each paper
should also contain a short abstract of approximately 200 words. If
available, e-mail addresses and fax numbers of the authors should also be

The Conference Proceedings will be published by DINTEL Foundation. A
commitment that the paper will be presented at the conference by one of
the authors is a pre-condition for an accepted paper to be included in the

We encourage the authors to use LaTeX article style. Papers should be
submitted in PostScript or PDF format, and should be readable by
Adobe's Acrobat Reader.

Important Dates:

    Deadline for Submission: May 31, 2001
    Notification to Authors: June 30, 2001
    Final Version of Accepted Papers due on: July 15, 2001
    J. L. Freire
    Computer Science Department
    Faculty of Informatics
    University of A Coru?a
    15071 A Coru?a, SPAIN
    E-mail: sit01
    Fax: +34-981167160
    Phone: +34-981167000

Electronic Submission and further information:

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No subject

Salvador Alcaraz
Hello everybody, from Spain:

This is my first time in the Erlang's Mails List.

My questions is very simple: I need to get time system in Milisec.

For example, function erlang:now() return {MegaSecs, Secs, MicroSecs}, but
not Milisec.

Can I use time Milisec with any Erlang's function???

The problem is that I am development a Packet Switching Network Simulator
Tools, and I need to work with Milisec time unit.

Thank you very much.

Salvador Alcaraz Carrasco
Division de Ingenieria Telematica
Dpto. de Fisica y Arquitectura de Computadores
Universidad Miguel Hernandez