CS Lab's 30th Anniversary!

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CS Lab's 30th Anniversary!

Francesco Mazzoli-2
Hi All,

I thought I would share this email Bjarne Dacker, co-founder and former
head of the computer science lab sent out today. 30 years ago on this
day, the CS lab was founded.

Happy birthday!!!

Bjarne D?cker <bjarne> wrote:

On 1 March 1984 *CSLab* (/Computer Science Laboratory/) was formally
established as an organizational unit at Ericsson Telecom. Activities
had already been going on since 1981. On 1 May 1988 *CSLab* was moved to
Ellemtel which became Ericsson after some years. On 30 June 2002 *CSLab
*was closed down.
*CSLab *existed for ~18 years with ~12 people so Ericsson invested >200
person-years on an idea that was originally presented to G?sta Lindberg
CTO of Ericsson by four enthusiastic software freaks.
Fortunately *Erlang*, the most important invention at *CSLab*, managed
to sneak out and conquer the world. On the personal side there have
become some doctors, a couple of professors and a few millionaires.
Tonight have a beer or a glass of wine or a bottle of Loranga or a
whisky and say /cheers/ to the happy memories of *CSLab* which saw the
light 30 years ago.

Erlang Solutions Ltd.

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