Change of license from EPL to APL 2.0

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Change of license from EPL to APL 2.0

Kenneth Lundin

As has been mentioned earlier it is our intention to change the
license of Erlang from the Erlang Public License (EPL) to the
Apache 2.0 License (APL).

For a smooth transition we need cooperation from all contributors to
Erlang so that they can be released under the Apache 2.0 License
beginning in the earliest possible coming release.

A mail with the title "Erlang License Change: from EPL to APL 2.0" has now
been sent out to all contributors.  The contributor is asked to return
the mail to us and by that confirming that they agree that their
contribution can be licensed under Apache 2.0 License as well.

The contributors are automatically collected from the official Git
repository at GitHub. Earlier contributors might not receive this
mail.  In that case contact us.

The Apache 2.0 License is well known and compliant with the Open
Source Definition made by the Open Source Initiative
( We believe that this change will enable an
even wider use of Erlang.

Regards Kenneth Lundin, Manager of the Erlang/OTP Team, Ericsson

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