Compiling Erlang under QNX

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Compiling Erlang under QNX

Sean Hinde-2

QNX have now released their patch 'B'. This fixes the bug which prevented
the erlc shell script from running.

The procedure I used to compile R7B-1 under QNX patch B is:

edit /etc/hosts and change IP address to be

get the latest config.guess and config.sub (I attach recent enough ones) and
replace the ones supplied with Erlang.

In inet_drv.c there is a problem around SO_ERROR. QNX define this but do not
appear to support the functionality..
I just changed it to read #ifndef SO_ERROR1 but it will obviously need
something slightly better!

The command to configure needs to be CC=qcc ./configure --without-ssl
qcc seems to be a wrapper for gcc which lets it find all the libraries etc.

Remove line 759 from!!!! I cannot explain this at all but it allows
the perl script to work without error.

Somewhere it is hardcoded to use nawk which isn't present.

IDL_COMPILE_FLAGS doesn't pick up IC_DIR as previous line  (IC_DIR := ...)
doesn't work (no idea why)
Temporarily changed to fix to absolute path and it compiles fine.

changed ld to qcc in Makefile in lib/runtime_tools/c_src/x86-pc-nto-qnx.
gcc and ld don't pick up all the paths for libraries if called directly

CosNotification and CosEvent are broken because of filename length.

I have done some basic testing with multiple nodes in a single machine.
OS_MON doesn't work (or fail gracefully) which is understandable. Mnesia
seems to work fine.

- Sean

 <<config.guess>>  <<config.sub>>

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