Compressing messages sent between Erlang nodes

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Compressing messages sent between Erlang nodes


I am writing a distributed Erlang application where several nodes are connected via a network with limited bandwidth. Thus, I would like to be able to minimize the size of the packets sent across the network when processes on different nodes send each other messages.

From, I understand that the Erlang distribution mechanism uses erlang:term_to_binary/1,2 internally to convert Erlang messages to the external binary format that is sent over the network. Now, term_to_binary/2 supports several options that are useful for reducing the size of the binaries (, including a compression option as well as the ability to choose a minor version with more efficient encoding of floats.

I would like to be able to tell the distribution mechanism to use both of these options every time it sends a message over the network. In other words, I would like to be able to specify the Options list that the distribution mechanism calls term_to_binary with. However, I have not been able to find any documentation on this subject. Is this possible to do?

Thanks for your help! :)