Deployment of Erlang web app

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Deployment of Erlang web app

Lloyd R. Prentice-2



As an army of one and a limited budget, I've been climbing the Erlang learning curve for nearly three years now. The goal: an ambitious Nitrogen-based web app.


Now I'm ready to start thinking seriously about how to deploy. But I find little guidance in either my library of  Erlang programming books or on the web.


At this  point it's increasingly evident that  I need experienced advice/guidance/mentoring/consulting help  through late stages of development and up through a smooth, successful launch.


I have more questions than I can reasonably ask here. But I'll limit to the two clouding my mind at the moment.




I chose Erlang based on the promise of reliability. My prospective users cannot afford to lose data. So, redundancy is essential. I'm currently using mnesia on the back end. Some folks have recommended that I switch to Postgres, but I had a disastrous experience at the beginning of my journey while working with Zotonic, so I'm leery. I've even thought about Riak.


Two questions:


1. What  minimal cloud hosting plan would experienced folks recommend to assure maximum data security and accessibility while minimizing overhead costs through start-up phase?


2. What would folks recommend re: back-up and recover?


Many thanks,




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