EPmail-0.3 released

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EPmail-0.3 released

Let me announce EPmail-0.3 version.

EPmail - is mail system consot smtp and pop3 server written in Erlang.

What's new?

In this release:

* Added UIDL in pop3 server, now letters can remain at the server after reading.

* Fixing some bugs in pop3 server (noop command bug, list checking arguments bug)

* Looping mail message receiving (Now smtp server can receive message of any size)

* Bug fixed in message parsing (Now process child don't crash in large message)

* Fixed popd_fsm and smtpd_fsm command order

* Add VRFY command in smtp server

* Add sqlite3 storage for user data (https://github.com/alexeyr/erlang-sqlite3)

* Add postgresql storage for user data (https://github.com/noss/pgsql)

* Add some items in configuration file

* Other little bug fix and features

In next version plan:

* Add ssl support

* Make normal message sending (now it's work but ugly hack)

Please, if you interesting in EPmail project, write me feature request in Issue (at github)


EPmail page - EPmail source

EPmail wiki page - EPmail wiki

EPmail issue - EPmail issue

EPmail is open source project under Erlang public license

Thank you.