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Sean Hinde-2
> > 2. 'f1' to take you to the detailed doc for that function
>>2. bind the 'f1' (or any other key) to erlang-man-function
>>     i have this in my .emacs;

Thanks for the tip, I'll give it a go:

The one I would really like is the option to just see a list of possible
parameter names for this function. Invariably this is all I am looking in
the docs for anyway - I can't remember the order of the damn parameters
(even worse for my own libraries half the time as the documentation is
elsewhere (or it is the source :( )).

I am certainly not suggesting that we have Visual C++ on acid - but there is
some functionality which I believe would really help (especially those
people who can't get on with emacs or don't have access).
> > 4. Click to jump to the function implementation.

>   you'll have to generate a tags file first, e.g. by running
> etags (in a
> unix shell it's "etags *erl")

Yes, I am aware of this one. The additional benefit would be that I wouldn't
have to generate the new tags file every time I wrote a new function...

- Sean

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