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Sean Hinde-2

> 3. or even just bring up the possible function headers with
> the names of the
> variables (kind of like you get when entering an equation in
> M$ Excel) -
> this could even work without access to any docs and for our
> own functions in
> our own modules in the current path.

OK, Here it is..

code_finder:start(). to start. Hit "Update", wait for a minute or so and
then you can search away in all exported functions in your path.


mnesia - greps all functions with mnesia anywhere in the module or function
mnesia: - lists only functions exported from the mnesia module
mnesia:dirty - lists all functions exported from mnesia containing the
string "dirty"
mnesia:dirty/1 - lists all functions exported from mnesia containing the
string dirty of arity 1.

Hit Return or click Find to search.

If anyone finds any bugs or finds the TODO items so annoying they feel
inspired to implement them then be my guest - please just let me know.


- Sean

P.S It would have been somewhat quicker to write if the docs for the
Abstract form and its toolset were a little more informative :)

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