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Erlang killer app?,

Sean Hinde-2
> > Having said that there is no way we'd wean even the
> internal folks off their
> > J2EE - even having demonstrated that 1 guy in a month can
> replace the work
> > of 10 contractors for a year.
> Seen that - and also s/J2EE/.NET/g or whatever fancy technology
> appears on fancy colourful brochures this month.
> Sorry to quote someone who is on the list, but as Joe wrote last
> year: 'you will never displace an existing technology if it
> works. Wait
> for the failures'. The 'night stalker programmer' approach
> seems to work
> well in my humble experience. Just be there when hell breaks
> loose with a
> solution in hand, and make sure it works.

Indeed, there is little point even starting on the 1 month project if the 1
year one is actually succeeding ;-)

It is not very pleasant to watch.. but it can have surprising results


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