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Thomas Arts-3
                CALL FOR PAPERS  
              (deadline 16 May, 2003)
            ACM SIGPLAN Erlang Workshop
       Friday August 29, 2003, Uppsala, Sweden  

Dear all

Upon several requests we have extended the deadline
for submission for the ACM sigplan Erlang workshop.
We do realize that people in industry are even more bussy
than those at universities and that you probably would
have liked to submit, but not had the time to do so.

If you have submitted but did not get an acknowledgement
from me, your email has not passed my SPAM filter. Please
submit again (with Submission in the subject field)!

For more information:

If you have already submitted but would like to beautify
your submission, you are ever so welcome to use this
extension for that.

Kind regards

Dr Thomas Arts
     Program Manager
     Software Engineering and Management
IT-university in Gothenburg
Box 8718, 402 75 Gothenburg, Sweden

Tel +46 31 772 6031
Fax +46 31 772 4899