Fun to compute. It should be.

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Fun to compute. It should be.

Joacim Grebenö
It should be fun to compute and with that in mind I wrote a service that rewrites arbitrary sites according to your likings, i.e. a reverse http proxy with dynamic rewrite rules.

Excerpt from

"The Scrupless rewriter is a text analysis tool which can be used to experiment with live sites. Rewriting can be an effective tool to reveal paradoxes in popular social trends and political movements, to play with ideas, and to uncover underlying prejudice and bias. You could, for example, swap "man" for "woman" to deepen your understanding of the underlying content."

A few quick examples of what it can do: - The Flat Earth Society turns (a)round - Haschodling i - Regeringen vill förbjuda abort - Rojalistiska föreningen blir odemokratisk - (M) förvandlas till (SD)

Create your own rewrite rules here:

Most of the examples on are in swedish but you get the gist. If you come up with better examples please tell me.

This was fun to write. Nothing fancy. The source code is on

Merry Christmas to ye all

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