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Fun with Erlang (was Re: Stand Alone Erlang for Windows. yet again)

> I think it can be done.  One thing I wonder about, however, is whether
> a running process can be marshalled out to disk and reloaded.  If so,
> we're golden.  If not ... well, then we get into questions about how
> to manage state persistantly.  Its far easier to say "dump all child
> processes of this Pid to disk" than to say "OK, walk this list of Pids
> and query them for state," especially when you go to reload.

I dont have a clue what you guys are talking about but it should be pretty
easy to store the internal state of a process to disk and then recreate a
process with exactly the same state. But you'll need more than a Pid to
identify the process on disk.


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