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Francesco Mazzoli-2
If you are thinking of presenting at a non Erlang conference this year,
you should consider OSCON, O'Reilly's Open Source Conference in
Portland. We had a really strong Erlang presence this year, and hope to
keep it up in 2014. Thousands of people attend, with about 12 parallel
tracks. Simon St. Laurent, who wrote Introducing Erlang is conference

If you have any questions on talks, target audience, tutorials, etc,
contact me privately.


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Subject: Massive Learning. Massive Fun = OSCON. Submit a proposal to speak
Date: Thu, 19 Dec 2013 02:00:23 -0800
From: O'Reilly Media <oreilly>
To: francesco

O'Reilly Open Source Convention

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O'Reilly Open Source Convention

Hello Francesco,

This year is winding down but we're busy gearing up for OSCON 2014
<http://post.oreilly.com/rd/9z1z2vrno3lfqh0kmh6b91tqhpc54trdvdsiqdce1v8>. Once
again, we're looking for people who are passionate and knowledgeable
about open source software, hardware, and culture. If this sounds like
you, we invite you to submit a proposal to lead a session or tutorial at

In addition to looking for proposals about open source tools and
technologies---that is, all the parts of the open source stack---this
year we'll also discuss open source in a broader context: where it fits
in today's workplace, "open" as a guiding philosophy, open hardware,
security and open source code. Here are some of the topics we're
specifically looking for:

  * Best practices for building businesses around open source
  * User experience innovations
  * Open models for cloud computing and distributed services
  * Security and privacy in a world of flowing data
  * Cultural changes driven by ubiquitous computing and networking
  * Scaling up and scaling down
  * Geek lifestyle, including hacking, quantified self, inbox zero, and
    maker culture
  * Bringing open source to new communities
  * Open web, open standards, open data, open, open, open!

If you have a desire to pass your hard-earned knowledge on to others, we
encourage you to submit a proposal to speak
<http://post.oreilly.com/rd/9z1zfme2i1svho6r08ffdbhtc4hb494v157kf01fong>. You
don't need to be a guru or experienced speaker. We're looking for
interesting stories told in interesting ways with fascinating demos and
provocative ideas.

Send us your proposals by *January 30* and if you are selected, we'll
help you make your mark at OSCON. We can't guarantee that you'll be an
open source superstar once you speak, but you'll be well on your way.

Looking forward to hearing from you,
Matthew McCullough, Sarah Novotny, and Simon St. Laurent
OSCON Program Chairs

A Special Thanks to our Sponsors

        Premier Diamond Sponsor



        Titanium Sponsor

Citrix Systems

For exhibition and sponsorship opportunities at OSCON, contact Sharon
Cordesse at scordesse <mailto:scordesse> or
(707) 827-7065

O'Reilly Open Source Convention

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