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Donald Steven

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Subject: Re: [erlang-questions] binary_to_integer badarg
Date: Mon, 17 Dec 2018 20:47:37 -0600
From: Dan Sommers [hidden email]
To: Donald Steven [hidden email]

On 12/17/18 8:35 PM, Donald Steven wrote:> Dan,
On 12/17/2018 9.15 PM, Dan Sommers wrote:
On 12/17/18 7:04 PM, Donald Steven wrote:

This works fine and I'll get back, for example <<"%">>, which
is_binary tells me is a binary.  I've tried
binary_to_integer(<<"%">>) but I get a badarg error.
This does what you want, but there may be better ways (I'm an Erlang newbie, too): <<Integer>> = Binary, Integer.
I'm sorry I don't understand. Let's say I have a value of <<"%">>, and assign it to B. Let's say: B = <<"%">>,

If I want to assign the value of "%" (decimal 37) to integer I, how do
I complete the expression:

I =

such that I will equal 37.

Strictly speaking, I don't know. :-)

That said, Erlang's "=" operator isn't as assignment operator, it's a
pattern matching operator that binds its operands in the case of a
match. So the following function reads one character from the file
named by the given name, and returns the integer value of that

f(FName) ->
{ok, Fd} = file:open(FName, [read, raw, binary]),
{ok, B} = file:read(Fd, 1),
<<I>> = B,

I think if you understand how/why the first line binds Fd to the file
descriptor, and how the second line binds B to the binary read from the
file , then you'll also be able to make sense of the third line that
binds I to the integer value of B.

Please direct further inquiries to the list rather than to me directly,
and feel free to forward this entire reply to the list for further


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