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James Hague-3
> > It would take a rellay advanced IDE before I ever trade away emacs.
> > I think IDE:s many times limits the way I work and causes a lot of
> > unnecessary mouse-clicking. No emacs and a unix-shell is the ideal
> > development environment too me, and of course some version handlig
> > program like cvs or clearcase.
> I agree heartily. Though I think it would be very nice to extend Emacs
> with more erlang stuff - e.g. a debugger interface.

I think much of the issue is that some people *love* Emacs, and other people
despise it an equivalent amount :)

I tend to be greatly turned off by language implementations that are tightly
coupled to Emacs, or at least put non-Emacs users at a disadvantage. With
Erlang, I'm quite happy writing code with EditPad, a freeware replacement
for Notepad, under Windows.  Really :)  But if I had to use Emacs, I
probably never would have tried Erlang in the first place.

(Note that I also use Linux, but I still spend more time in Windows.)