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Sean Hinde-2
> Do you see anything useful to improve Inets performance for
> large file ?

If you have plenty of memory you could store the file as a binary in
ets/mnesia and pull it out with a cgi-script. This works pretty well and is
fast. (as I understand it the binary isn't copied - ets just stores a

I use an mnesia table keyed on filename holding e.g.

#rec{name = "index.html", contents = #Bin}.

I also took one of Joe's contribs for embedding erlang code in html and
changed it about so it uses mnesia as a store (attached, with slight

You can do things like:

        <e>lists:map(fun({A,B}) -> </e>
    <e> end, Var)</e>

It isn't perfect as the parser isn't clever enough to handle spaces in the
'wrong' places.. any help appreciated ..

It is in service without any problems though :)

- Sean

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