Issue with wxDatePickerCtrl in wxerlang

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Issue with wxDatePickerCtrl in wxerlang


Hi all,

        In my application there is a requirement to use the wxDatePickerCtrl wxwidget (wx version 1.8). When I am using this widget I am unable to get the date which is selected from the datePicker widget.

For example:

-> If I select 19th July 2017 in the datePicker Widget, the correct date is displayed in the text area. But when I click anywhere out of the area, it gets updated back to the current date with some garbage value such as Monday1519October201717.

-> I am listening to "date_changed" event and  i am using only getValue/1 but still i am getting the same problem and also i am getting a warning like this

    **(Erlang:19595): Pango-WARNING **: Invalid UTF-8 string passed to pango_layout_set_text().

    Is there any solution or work-around for this problem?


Gattu shivakrishna
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