Making home drive detection more flexible

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Making home drive detection more flexible

Matt Olson



There are multiple issues on stackoverflow where the home drive detection logic causes problems in corporate environments due to the frequent use of setting HOMEDRIVE and HOMEPATH to network file shares via group policy (which gets set upon each login to the workstation).


See here on the problem description:!topic/rabbitmq-users/8_JQd8druCI


My suggestion is to change the small number of files indicated in the link directly below to do this logic instead:


IF (ERLANGHOME exists) then

   use ERLANGHOME variable


  use existing HOMEDRIVE variable logic as fallback

end if


People have been working around this issue for years and would be nice to see it finally resolved.


For reference:!searchin/rabbitmq-users/homedrive%7Csort:date

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