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Sean Hinde-2
I'm not sure about this problem but we have had problems with mnesmosyne
queries permanently hanging and causing the system massive load. We have
replaced all occurences with match_object etc until it is sorted out.

I guess the much rumoured ets:select mechanism is what is required to turn
mnemosyne into somethng a little more optimal?

In R8?


> -----Original Message-----
> From: Hakan Stenholm [mailto:etxhste]
> Sent: 23 March 2001 16:34
> To: erlang-questions
> Subject: Mnemosyne
> Acording to
> "Each mnemosyne query creates a temporary process. In the current
> Mnemosyne implementation the temporary process
> can for complex queries grow very very large, and even force
> the runtime
> system to start swapping memory to disk.
> Therefore, don't use Mnemosyne in cases where you easily can hardcode
> the queries, and if you use Mnemosyne - always
> check that the execution time and memory consumed for complex queries,
> and for serches on large tables, is within reasonable limits."
> this was true in 1997, but is it still true ? - does it still
> use large
> amounts of memory (many other things mentioned on this
> page are no longer relevant) ?

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