No string escaping for SNMP config files

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No string escaping for SNMP config files

Daniel Goertzen-3
Config files written by the SNMP application lack string escaping as shown in the example below.  This goes especially badly when there's a quote character in the string (config file becomes unreadable).  I plan on doing a PR for this, but I thought I'd mention it here first.

-sh-4.3# cat agent.conf 
%% This file was generated by snmpa_conf (version-5.2) 2016-05-26 ...

{intAgentIpAddress, [0,0,0,0]}.
{intAgentUDPPort, 161}.
{snmpEngineMaxMessageSize, 484}.
{snmpEngineID, "�c�0"$Ԟ"}.

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