OpenCL.framework cause my NIF library to crash

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OpenCL.framework cause my NIF library to crash

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Hi everyone,
I'm developing an Erlang binding to a C++ library of mine, which relies on OpenCL.
I set up a basic environment, with proper extern "C", as well as linker flags. In my case the magic words are:

-undefined dynamic_lookup -dynamiclib

Without these additional flags my NIF shared library won't compile. Everything work well until I try to link OpenCL within my NIF library. Bear in mind that I'm on Mac OS and OpenCL comes as a dynamic library (a Cocoa Framework to be more specific) and going to another platform like Linux or Windows is not feasible.
When I try to load my "new" NIF library (with OpenCL linked with it), this is the result:

laetus alfredodinapoli$ rebar eunit
==> elaetus (eunit)
Compiled src/elaetus_app.erl
Compiled src/elaetus_sup.erl
Compiled src/elaetus.erl
Trace/BPT trap: 5

Which is not very informative about what's going wrong. But I suspect it may be related to the dynamic nature of the OpenCL library. In fact, linking my framework, which is a static library, doesn't cause any issue.
I would like to know:

a) If anyone has had any contact with the NIF + MacOs + C++ world
b) If anyone know a workaround for this annoying situation.

Thanks in advance,
Alfredo Di Napoli