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P9 20011210 SNAPSHOT

Kent Boortz-2

*************************** P9 SNAPSHOT **************************

This is an early snapshot of the Erlang/OTP development sources.
R9 will be released middle of October 2002.

This early snapshot may contain known bugs and parts that is not
working or can't be built on some platforms. During the daily build
the code has built and been tested on various platforms with reasonable
test scores so this snapshot should not be totally broken.

You can find the snapshots at


or on the Ericsson Intranet


If you are a paying customer and want to test snapshots of binary
releases for our supported platforms, let us know.

Some notes (that may not be 100% correct)

  The tool fprof is improved.

    * More analysis sorting possibilities, at least a' la eprof.
    * More analysis alternatives, at least a summary over all processes.
    * Tail recursive call detection during profiling by using 'caller'
      match spec.

  Messages received from ports does no longer reset the seq trace
  token for the receiving process. This might be regarded as an
  incompatibility, but presumably desired. Now the seq trace token
  does not get swallowed by file operations, io operations, and other
  kernel/stdlib functions that use ports in their implementation.

  When the match spec {set_seq_token, _, _} was used to start
  sequential tracing, it crashed the heap of the process it was
  running from, and corrupted heap data or crashed the emulator. This
  bug has now been corrected.

  lists:sort/2 and lists:merge/3 were not stable. lists:ukeysort/3 and
  lists:usort/2 could leave duplicates. A bug in lists:umerge/3 has
  been fixed.

  The 'file_sorter' module recognizes a new format called 'binary'
  which compares binaries using the standard order of terms.

  When converting a version 8 Dets file or repairing a version 9 Dets
  file containing sufficiently large objects, the resulting file was
  sometimes badly formed. This has been fixed.

  A bug in disk_log:unblock/1 that could cause messages to be
  processed in wrong order has been fixed.  Write errors no longer
  terminate the disk log process.

  Dependency on GNU m4 is removed.

  Fixnum problem as reported on erlang-questions is fixed.

  Minor bug fixes by Richard Carlsson (hipe).

  Traversing a read only Dets table no longer results in a crash.

  The web server now know about MIME type "text/css" correcting a
  problem with some browsers viewing the css file content instead of
  the page including the CSS file.

  Now run_erl and to_erl is compiled for for all Unix platforms but
  not tested.

  Odbc application bug fixes.

  The function spawn_opt() now works for spawning a process on a
  remote node.

  The web server is rewritten and now supports HTTP/1.1.

  A mnesia restart problem during checkpoint has been corrected.

  Orber changes

    One can now install Orber's NameService as disc_copies, but the
    default behavior is that Orber uses ram_copies.

    A pre-compiled is IIOP-trace interceptor is now included in the
    Orber release. For more information, see the Debugging chapter in
    the User's Guide.

    It is now possible to set Orber's configuration parameters in, for
    example, an Erlang shell. Consult corba:orb_init/1 and

    The Orber release now include 'OrberWeb', a WebTool extension.

  We are improving the SGML to HTML conversion done generating most of
  the documentation. It now conforms to the DTD "HTML 4.01
  Transitional" This work is not completed and some formatting is
  currently lost.

  When an application that depended upon another that had been started
  but crashed (supervisor killed), tried to start but failed (as
  expected), the return value was {error, no_report}, which now has
  been corrected to {error, {not_running, App}}.

The OTP Team