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Parse TO: filed in mime


I try to get TO: field from mime mail message.

I have code:

parse_to(Data) ->
    List = string:tokens(Data, ":"),
    Sep1 = lists:map(fun(H) ->string:tokens(H, ":") end, List),
    Sep2 = lists:filter(fun ([K | _]) -> K == "To" end, Sep1),
    ListAddress = lists:append(Sep2),
    [_ | Tail] = ListAddress,
    lists:map(fun(Address) -> string:tokens(Address, ",") end, Tail).
If i have short message for example: I got in io:format(Sep1), it's ok all without :

But if i have long message with attachment: - I got in io:format(Sep1) - everything remains the same as it was with :

What's wrong? Why shot message normal parse and big message not parsed?

When i try use regexp:

List = binary_to_list(Binary),
re:run(List, "^To: (.*)$", [multiline, {capture, all_but_first, list}]).

It's ok, but if i get Binary from file. If i get from erlang list [].

Thank you.