Patch package OTP 18.0.2 released

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Patch package OTP 18.0.2 released

Rickard Green-2
Patch Package:           OTP 18.0.2
Git Tag:                 OTP-18.0.2
Date:                    2015-07-08
Trouble Report Id:       OTP-12889, OTP-12890, OTP-12892, OTP-12894,
                          OTP-12895, OTP-12896
Seq num:                 seq12885
System:                  OTP
Release:                 18
Application:             erts-7.0.2, runtime_tools-1.9.1
Predecessor:             OTP 18.0.1

  Check out the git tag OTP-18.0.2, and build a full OTP system
  including documentation. Apply one or more applications from this
  build as patches to your installation using the 'otp_patch_apply'
  tool. For information on install requirements, see descriptions for
  each application version below.

  --- erts-7.0.2 ------------------------------------------------------

  The erts-7.0.2 application can be applied independently of other
  applications on a full OTP 18 installation.

  --- Fixed Bugs and Malfunctions ---

   OTP-12889    Application(s): erts
                Related Id(s): seq12885

                A process could end up in an inconsistent half exited
                state in the runtime system without SMP support. This
                could occur if the processes was traced by a port that
                it also was linked to, and the port terminated
                abnormally while handling a trace message for the

                This bug has always existed in the runtime system
                without SMP support, but never in the runtime system
                with SMP support.

   OTP-12894    Application(s): erts

                Removed unnecessary copying of data when retrieving
                corrected Erlang monotonic time.

   OTP-12895    Application(s): erts

                *** POTENTIAL INCOMPATIBILITY ***

                Changed default OS monotonic clock source chosen at
                build time. This in order to improve performance. The
                behavior will now on most systems be that (both OS and
                Erlang) monotonic time stops when the system is

                If you prefer that monotonic time elapse during suspend
                of the machine, you can pass the command line argument
                to configure when building Erlang/OTP. The
                configuration stage will try to find such a clock
                source, but might not be able to find it. Note that
                there might be a performance penalty associated with
                such a clock source.

   OTP-12896    Application(s): erts

                erlang:system_info(end_time) returned a faulty value on
                32-bit architectures.

  --- Improvements and New Features ---

   OTP-12892    Application(s): erts

                The configure command line argument
                --enable-gettimeofday-as-os-system-time has been added
                which force usage of gettimeofday() for OS system time.
                This will improve performance of os:system_time() and
                os:timestamp() on MacOS X, at the expense of worse
                accuracy, resolution and precision of Erlang monotonic
                time, Erlang system time, and OS system time.

  Full runtime dependencies of erts-7.0.2: kernel-4.0, sasl-2.4,

  --- runtime_tools-1.9.1 ---------------------------------------------

  The runtime_tools-1.9.1 application can be applied independently of
  other applications on a full OTP 18 installation.

  --- Fixed Bugs and Malfunctions ---

   OTP-12890    Application(s): runtime_tools
                Related Id(s): seq12885

                The trace_file_drv did not handle EINTR correct which
                caused it to fail when the runtime system received a

  Full runtime dependencies of runtime_tools-1.9.1: erts-7.0,
  kernel-3.0, mnesia-4.12, stdlib-2.0


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