Problems with ASN1 v1.3 (Erlang/OTP R7B-3)

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Problems with ASN1 v1.3 (Erlang/OTP R7B-3)


Hello everybody.

I've been compiling an ASN1 schema without troubles with Erlang/OTP R7B-2
(ASN1 version; yesterday I downloaded the patch (R7B-2 to -3 patch),
and compiled erlang. Now the new ASN1 compiler (version 1.3) can't compile
the schema. The problem seems to be the COMPONETS tag:

$ erlc -bber Ldap.asn
Erlang ASN.1 version "1.3" compiling "./Ldap.asn"
Compiler Options: [fast,
Ldap.asn:syntax error at line 144:
got 'COMPONENTS' expected '}'

I deleted the lines with this tag and it compiled.

I'm using LDAP ASN1 specification, taken from RFC2551.

Any suggestions?

Thank you in advance.