Processes get stuck in prim_inet:recv0

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Processes get stuck in prim_inet:recv0

Loïc Hoguin-3

I have a container that's most likely subtly broken (most recent Arch
Linux on a slightly older Arch Linux) and I'm not sure why. It only
started happening after I rebuilt it a few days ago, the difference
between before/after is more recent packages on the container and little

It has a symptom that's consistent across all Erlang versions I'm
testing (most recent patch releases of 19.*, 20.*, 21.0-rc1 and 20.3.6
compiled in native mode, and all are compiled on the same system with
kerl): the process gets stuck in prim_inet:recv0 and it makes CT fail
with a timetrap timeout[1].

It happens a few times per test runs, at a rate of maybe 2 or 3 times
per hour.

Have you seen this before? If yes how do I fix this? Is there any useful
data I can get that would help?



Loïc Hoguin
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