RIPEMD-160 support in crypto

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RIPEMD-160 support in crypto

Bruce Fitzsimons-2
Hi list,

First time git patch submission.

I've added RIPEMD-160 to crypto. It compiles...but I'm having serious
problems getting a current dev environment, much less one that will run
the test_server. This is less than ideal, so it would be appreciated if
someone can take it and ensure the tests run okay?

git fetch git:// crypto_RIPEMD

I realise an untested patch is less than ideal, but the nif support
won't let me test it with a previous release (1.1 vs 1.0 of the
interface) and I'm having issues getting the current release installed.

Can anyone help? Style notes on the patch also appreciated :-)

Added RIPEMD-160 support to the crypto module

Added RIMPEMD-160 (RACE Integrity Primitives Evaluation Message
Digest) support to the crypto module in the same style as the
existing SHA-1/MD5 functions. It is supported in openssl natively so
this was an easy addition. Named ripemd160 as there are other
sized variants, and ripemd (the original) is known to be vulnerable. appears to
be the official page for this algorithm.