Rebar3 release windows service + vm.args with proto_dist

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Rebar3 release windows service + vm.args with proto_dist

Agustin Cautin-2

We are in the process of migrating the generation of a windows release from rebar with reltool to rebar3 with relx, it is working more or less fine up to the point of installing the service where some extra configuration from vm.args is ignored.

Other than the name and the cookie it seems that the rest of the file is ignored, what would be the proper way of defining the following properties so it can be properly used by the service:

## distributed erlang TCP port range
-kernel inet_dist_listen_min 7000
-kernel inet_dist_listen_max 7020

## Distribution protocol
-proto_dist imem_inet_tcp

## Enable kernel poll and a few async threads
+K true

I believe the kernel ports can be changed to sys.config but not sure about proto_dist.


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