Request for feedback on Erlang packaging/launching tool

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Request for feedback on Erlang packaging/launching tool

Hello, list.

I have made an Erlang launching and packaging tool that functions a bit
more in the spirit of Python's "virtualenv" and "first exec means build"
than the traditional Erlang release environment.

It seems a bit easier for newcomers to wrap their heads around and
allows easy deployment of client-side applications, both problems I've
wanted to address for several years now.

It is in beta and is not intended to be a replacement for rebar3 or
releases, but hopefully some kind folks out here could kick the tires
and give me some feedback on what is good/bad/broken/confusing about it.

It only supports Erlang code at the moment (cross platform NIFs in Rust
and support for LFE are planned). Developer features are pretty
unwieldy on Windows, but the Windows installer adds a desktop icon
to launch the (incomplete but functional) GUI app browser and programs
can be launched from there. These components upgrade themselves so
distributing improvements isn't an issue.

The client and tooling suite side is called ZX.
The package/query service side is called Zomp.

Running a program:
   `zx run [name]`

Creating a project:
   `zx create project`

Packaging a project:
   `zx package [project path]`

To run any command with an Erlang shell replace "zx" with "zxh".

Complete usage page:

Tutorial/example posts:
"Starting a simple CLI project in Erlang with ZX"

"Starting a simple GUI project in Erlang with ZX"

"Packaging and Distributing/Deploying Erlang GUI apps with ZX"

"Erlang: Minesweeper"