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Sender punishment removed

Сергей Прохоров-2

I asked the same question in Erlang Slack chat and got the answer from Lukas Larsson:

garazdawi10:41 AM
@seriyps we have been wanting to remove it for a very long time, as it was introduced mainly to solve problems with non-smp systems and doesn't do much in smp systems. We are just now in progress of re-writing how process to process signal/message passing works, so we decided that it was time to remove sender punishment at the same time.

Also, we have lately been writing a lot of more benchmarks in order to track the performance of various parts of the Erlang/OTP and senderpunishment makes it very hard to get predictable performance.

So I saw that the sender punishment was removed in [1]. The commit message
doesn't outline any of the reasoning behind this. Is there any more details
available about this anywhere I can read? I understand it never really
worked that well but it would still be interesting to understand a bit
On a similar note what is the current thinking on flow control between
erlang processes? Are there any improvements on mixing in a few calls in
with the casts?

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