Strange stack-traces in crash reports

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Strange stack-traces in crash reports

Alexey Lebedeff-3
Hi folks,

In sasl logs I'm observing some stack-traces that I can't explain, on Erlang 18.1 + actively using HiPE compilation. Looks like those are stack-traces of 2 different processes somehow merged together.

Here are some examples:

** {function_clause,[{gb_trees,delete_1,2,[]},
But there is no way it can call:
- itself recursively
- gen_server2:handle_msg/2
- gb_trees:delete/1

** {function_clause,[{rabbit_channel,handle_info,2,[]},

And according to this trace, `ssl_config:module_info/1` somehow started process of message handling in generic server, which doesn't make any sense. And this `module_info` happens with a lot of different modules, both built-in and application specific.

Is this something known? Can it be related to HiPE? I was not able to find anything related to stacktraces in release notes of every 18 and 19 release.


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