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Sean Hinde-2

> On the topic of: "what else could Erlang have to be a better
> general purpose
> tool?", it would be nice to have a mode or an interpreter
> start file or
> whatever to make it possible to use Erlang from the shell as
> easily as perl
> or pythong scripts. That is, an interpreter behaviour
> somewhere in between
> the normal erl node and the SAE link everything yourself
> tool. That is, if I
> have a foo.erl source, I want to be able to put
> "#!/usr/local/bin/erlang" at
> the top, and then invoke it simply as "./foo.erl -opts
> somefiles" and have

I stumbled across this link while following some other link somewhere. I
hope that Dan doesn't mind.. and I've no idea of the status...

- Sean

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