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TclTk version surprise

Jouni Rynö-2
Somehow we have always been better off with using a bit modified ewish,
which was part of the distribution about a 4 years ago. Most
importantly, we were able to add support for the BLT ! And so we can
use whatever Tcl-version we like.

And we were able to divide the work with two persons, one writing
Erlang, the other making the user experience in Tk.
The drawback is of course the shuffling ascii lists around. And in a
later versions it turned out, that we are doing completely wrong things
in TclTk side, as the data was already there on Tcl-side and the other
persons was much faster hacking in Tcl.

(the C-driver <-> Erlang telemetry <-> TclTk -user interface is used
for a few space experiments as ground support equipment, almost as in
the Erlang-book example :-) )

Getting some Gtk/Glade support would be interesting to try ...

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