The update R7B-2 is released

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The update R7B-2 is released

Kent Boortz-2

This is a bug fix release R7B-2.

There is no patch that take R7B-1 up to R7B-2, you download the full
source distribution

Note that there is still a configure bug that has the unfortunate
effect that configure fails but it looks like a success. The "make"
command will fail instead. The reason of the configure failure was
that the SSL library was not found.

If you have this problem you will find the line

  configure: error: No OpenSSL or SSLeay found

in the configure output. SSL is not required to build Erlang/OTP, do

  % ./configure --without-ssl

or find out where your SSL files are and do

  % ./configure --with-ssl=PATH-TO-SSL-TOP-DIR