Updating common resources in a release?

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Updating common resources in a release?

David Welton-3

From my understanding, Erlang's release machinery does not overwrite
files, so that if I had, say,

  , {copy,     "certs/my.crt",                  "certs/my.crt"}

Or an index.html or something similar, it's not going to update it.  I
have inherited some code like this, and I'm wondering how people
generally handle things like that?  I can think of a few ideas:

* Keep everything in priv/ directories within applications, and avoid
'common' files, so that updating the application updates whatever it
* Use the appup of some application to copy something in its priv/
directory over to the main 'common' area in the application?

How do you handle this situation?

David N. Welton


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