VM crash on OTP 21.1

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VM crash on OTP 21.1

Caragea Silviu

After upgrading to OTP 21.1 from 19.3 I got a VM crash in production which seems similar with https://bugs.erlang.org/browse/ERL-486

#0  0x000000000051547f in ethr_native_atomic64_add_return_mb (incr=-1, var=0x11) at ../include/internal/x86_64/../i386/atomic.h:240
#1  ethr_atomic_add_read (val=-1, var=0x11) at ../include/internal/ethr_atomics.h:4219
#2  ethr_atomic_dec_read (var=0x11) at ../include/internal/ethr_atomics.h:4806
#3  erts_refc_dectest (min_val=0, refcp=0x11) at beam/sys.h:962
#4  erts_deref_node_entry (np=0x1) at beam/erl_node_tables.h:234
#5  erts_cleanup_offheap (offheap=offheap@entry=0x7f527153fdc0) at beam/erl_message.c:184
#6  0x00000000005157b5 in erts_cleanup_messages (msgp=<optimized out>) at beam/erl_message.c:227
#7  0x000000000046f5a5 in delete_process (p=0x7f527141d768) at beam/erl_process.c:11843
#8  erts_continue_exit_process (p=0x7f527141d768) at beam/erl_process.c:12487
#9  erts_do_exit_process () at beam/erl_process.c:12210
#10 0x00000000004681da in terminate_proc (Value=523, c_p=0x7f527141d768) at beam/beam_emu.c:1613
#11 handle_error (c_p=0x7f527141d768, pc=<optimized out>, reg=<optimized out>, bif_mfa=<optimized out>) at beam/beam_emu.c:1467
#12 0x000000000046424b in process_main () at x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu/opt/smp/beam_hot.h:349
#13 0x000000000044ef0b in sched_thread_func (vesdp=0x7f54446ac500) at beam/erl_process.c:8332
#14 0x00000000006880e9 in thr_wrapper (vtwd=0x7ffe80d6b8d0) at pthread/ethread.c:118
#15 0x00007f548c0b06ba in start_thread (arg=0x7f5440c39700) at pthread_create.c:333
#16 0x00007f548bbde41d in clone () at ../sysdeps/unix/sysv/linux/x86_64/clone.S:109

Anyone any idea from where can come ?


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